7 Best Drinking Water Test Kits 

drinking water test kits

Looking for the best drinking water test kits? So many dangerous elements dissolve and hide in water. When human beings and animals drink that water, it becomes unsafe. Drinking water that is not treated can cause sick waterborne diseases that take longer to cure. People must get cautious of what they drink. Not every water is safe for their health. 

As much as water may be sparkling clean, it may not be as safe as it looks. Therefore, treating the water with chemicals will make it pure and healthy. However, you may never know which the best water to drink is. That is why it is essential to get drinking water test kits to guide you. 

There are so many types of kits, and it may be challenging to know the best one. Therefore, you need to check on a few factors before purchasing it. Here are some of the best kits you can buy. 

Watersafe Drinking Water Test Kits

This is a well-water test item. Some people live in areas where they only get their drinking water from the well. The well may be used by so many people. Therefore, you never know what is dropped in the water or how safe it is. These drinking water test kits are the best for family consumption. 

Additionally, it has ten tests in one kit. These are enough to assure you of whether eth water is safe for drinking or not. It is used to test for iron, lead, copper, and it also shows whether there are toxins from fertilizers and pesticides. It also reveals dangerous levels of nitrites and nitrates in the water. 

You can also determine the water pH balance if it is safe enough for drinking. The kits are also suitable for detecting harmful bacteria and the hardness of the water. It also determines the level of chlorine if it is safe for drinking. 


  • Tests for lead iron and copper
  • Detects level of nitrates and nitrites
  • Tests for coliform bacteria
  • Tests are compared to EPA recommended levels 
  • Includes pH and hardness test strip 


  • It saves the time of sending the water to the lab for testing since anyone can use eth test kits.
  • The kits are easy to use and give results.
  • The process is quick to send back the results. 
  • It’s convenient for people who have wells and also get those who get their water from remote places. 


  • Only convenient for good users 

City Drinking Water Test Kits 

These drinking water test kits are suitable for those in the city. There are so many things contaminating and polluting the environment in the city. You never know if the water you are drinking is safe. Therefore, use a water safe test kit to be sure of your doubts. 

This test kit give you professional lab results in the comfort of your home. It is an all in one test because it can test chlorine, iron, bacteria, nitrates, pH and even the pesticides in the water. If you would also like to know how hard the water is, this kit is suitable for the job. The kit is a comprehensive water test tool that gives immediate results. 


  • Has the EPA standards
  • Item weighs 58.97 grams which make sit small enough for portability
  • Does not use batteries
  • It’s a one-piece test kit
  • Used to test for bacteria, lead, chlorine and iron 


  • You can do it yourself without asking for the help of a professional
  • It is fast in giving results
  • The kit is easy to use since it has simple procedures to follow
  • You do not need a lab to get the results, as you can do the whole process from home
  • It is portable
  • Does not use batteries 


  • Has only one test kit 

Silver Lake Research 

These kits are a product of the Silver Lake Research store. Therefore, it has gone through various research and tests before being sold to the market. Users should thus buy the product and trust in it because it will not disappoint you. 

It is an all in one well water test kit since it is used to test various water contaminants. You can use the kit to test for bacteria, pesticide, nitrates, lead, nitrites, hardness, pH, chlorine iron and even copper. Additionally, it has met the EPA standards, and gives accurate results. 

You also do not need to go to the laboratory to undergo further tests. This kit can be used anywhere so long as you follow the instructions. 


  • The brand type is from Silver Lake Research 
  • The model number of the product is WS-425W
  • The weight of the kit is 70 grams 
  • Does not use battery


  • It is a fast test kit
  • It can be used by anyone as it has simple procedures
  • Portable due to its small size
  • Used to test for ten different hazardous contaminants 
  • It can be used to test the pH value of the water


  • It does not have an auto-shutoff 

Bebapanda Drinking Water Test Kits

It is a 14 in 1 drinking water test kit with 100 pieces of the water test strip. It can be used for both tap water and tap water. Additionally, it is also used to test water quality to detect the pH, hardness, Nitrate, Iron, lead, Bromine and chlorine. The test strips are highly sensitive and can easily detect water contaminants. It is also easy to use and gives instant results. 

The instructions are simple. You dip the test strip and then remove it immediately. You then hold the strip level for five to sixty seconds to give accurate readings. Then compare the results on the colour chat and record the results immediately. The test kit is authentic and produces reliable results. 

Additionally, it is suitable for home use. The process is very affordable since it has 100 strips in one bottle. The self-test kit saves the user the money they could have used in a laboratory. It is for multiple uses as it can test various water sources, including spa and even swimming pool water. It is essential to test eth swimming pool, especially for kids, as they sometimes drink that water. 


  • Has 100 strips 
  • Tests pH, water hardness, chlorine, iron, copper, lead, nitrate, nitrite, fluoride, bromine, cyanuric acid, carbonate and the total alkalinity of the water
  • Weighs 98 grams
  • The manufacturer is Bebapanda 


  • It has 100 test strips which enable the user to test various water sources
  • It can test more than ten water contaminants
  • The process is easy to follow
  • Cost-effective as it saves them time and money to go to the lab
  • It can be used in other water places like spas, swimming pools and aquariums 


  • It does not hold results 

Vansful Professional Test Kit 

It is a 14 in 1 drinking water test kit with 100 strips. The test kit is a mega pack that makes home testing easy. It gives fast and accurate results on the water contaminants. The Vansful test kits are a product of professional industrial testing. 

It is recommendable for testing the water safety and giving instant results. The kit is known as 14 in one because it is used to test the fourteen contaminants of water. Therefore, it saves the user the money used to purchase other kits to test for different water contaminants. 

Some of the contaminants it tests include alkalinity, pH, hardness, Iron, Copper, Nitrite, Bromine, Nitrate, Fluoride, Chromium and residual chlorine cyanuric acid. The water strips offer a solution for testing drinking water until it meets the recommended standards. The kit is easy to use and gives accurate results within sixty seconds. It also has a colour chat included. 


  • The weight of the package is 6o grams which makes it portable 
  • The manufacturer is Valuemed Medical suppliers
  • Includes a pH chart which is used to check the contaminants of the water 
  • Used to test for 14 different contaminants 


  • It’s affordable and convenient to use
  • Has a simple procedure to follow 
  • Gives instant results
  • Tests up to fourteen different contaminants of water
  • It’s safe for drinking water


  • It does not have a switch off option 

Swiss Labs Test Kit 

It is a fourteen in one drinking water test kit with 100 strips. This test kit is easy to use even at home. It is an improved low detection range for fluoride, mercury, copper and iron. It also tests for pH, carbonate, alkalinity, cyanuric acid and even the hardness of the water. 

This test kit is a complete solution for testing the household drinking water until it meets the recommended standards. Additionally, it does not only test drinking water but also spas and swimming pools. It gives accurate results within 60 seconds and also uses a colour chat. 

The value pack has enough test kits for the user to test on different water sources. It is of high quality and can be used to ensure accurate and high-quality results. 


  • The brand type is Swiss Labs
  • The weight of the item is 100 grams 
  • Includes a test chat


  • It can test up to 14 different water contaminants 
  • Does not use a battery 
  • Has 100 test stripes which can be used to other sources of water
  • It can test drinking water, aquariums, spa water and swimming pool
  • Has simple instructions for the user to get accurate results 
  • It is fast in producing results 


  • It does not have a hold feature to help in keeping the results for future readings

AquaVial Plus Water Test Kit

This test kit is a two-in-one item used to test bacteria, biofilm fungi and E.coli, and coliform detection. It is a highly sensitive water bacteria tester with EPA standards for drinking water, swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. These drinking water kits are cost-effective and preferable to going to the laboratory to get the tests done. 

The two in one feature means it has one test for total bacteria, biofilm and fungi and another for E.coli. AquaVial plus offers more accurate results because it is a form of innovative technology. It provides accurate detection to bacteria compared to the usual water test strips. It has high detective levels for bacteria which can go over the EPA standards. 

The standard shelf life for the AquaVial plus is two years compared to the one year of test strips. The best thing about this testing tool is that it uses a screening test that is easy to use. It can easily and quickly detect the bacteria more than the EPA standard of 500 CFU/ml. 

Additionally, it can detect if the water has other bacteria causing diseases like Salmonella, Pseudomonas and Legionella. It also detects strains commonly responsible for biofilm formation in the water. The test kit is very cost-effective and has a water quality screening test which gives reliable feedback. 

Therefore, it is effective since it alerts the user of any issue that may make the water not high quality before it becomes unsafe and unhealthy for the consumer. Additionally, the test kit gives immediate results in thirty minutes for detecting bacteria and twenty-four hours for testing E.coli. 


  • The brand type is AquaVial
  • Item weighs 99.79grams 
  • The kit can give two results bacteria and E.coli


  • Gives fast results
  • It is effective as it gives reliable and accurate results
  • The kit is portable 
  • It can detect more than the EPA standards 


  • Has no chart to confirm the results 

Factors to Consider When Buying Drinking Water Test Kits

Source: Fresh Water System

There are so many drinking water test kits that have slightly various functions and usability. Therefore, you need to consider various factors before purchasing the item. Let’s look into some below:


You need to consider if it is portable enough to be carried around. This factor is crucial for those travelling long distances and have to test different water sources. Usually, most water kits are small enough to fit into your travelling bag or a backpack. But consider choosing a more portable one if you have to carry more than one or you don’t have much space in your bag.

What It Tests

Ensure you check the water contaminants it detects. You need to check if it can check the pH, alkalinity, bacteria, lead, iron, copper, etc. Not all test kits can give the required results for all contaminants. This factor is determined by the type of water you are going to be testing so consider that before purchasing the kit.

Brand Type

Not every brand is to be trusted. Therefore, you need to check if the item is from a good brand company. You can also inquire from a professional on the best brand company to buy from. If you are not a professional or it’s your first time buying we advise you to select the most sold option on large retailer sites like Amazon or Target. Look up the reviews or search for the best option reviews on YouTube and Google.

Number of Test Kits 

It is essential to check the number of tests in the kit. Some kits have up to 14 strips, and others have 100 tests. Therefore, check the number of tests in the kit to verify if it is enough for your plan. 

Availability in the Market 

You need to check how available that item is in the market. You can check it out on the internet but not find it in stock. It is best to confirm before making an order or arrangements to use it. First look up the shipping options and determine how long you will have to wait for the product to reach you so that it won’t inconvenience you. Especially if you have to take kits to travel. Look up some options from the local manufacturers as they will usually distribute the items in the next few days from the day of purchase. You will also have to chance to return and exchange in case of any issues.

Areas to Be Used

Some test strips can only be used for drinking water. However, others can be sued in spas, swimming pools, and aquariums. It depends on the area you are planning to use the test kit. Determine that first before making a purchase. Be especially cautions to not use something not compatible for drinking water in drinking water.


It is not healthy to drink contaminated water as you can become seriously sick and in some cases it can cost you losing your life. Therefore, you need to ensure you check how safe the water is before drinking it. You probably need to also check water for other reasons such as washing your items in it or using it for bathing. There are so many drinking water test kits that can detect the various issues in water. Especially when travelling, you need to check water in places you’ve never been unless you are staying at a five star hotel. The quality of water is crucial to every human life, therefore make sure to purchase your water testing kit. 

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