Aquarium Water Heater Vs. Boiler: Differences


Using hot water for many people out there is not something they choose. It’s just as important as a water filtration system. Some have proceeded to make it mandatory for all the activities they run in their homes and other places. For instance, some people must use hot water for cooking, laundry, washing utensils, and other forms of cleaning. You need these for an aquarium too. This article aims to shed light on the differences between an aquarium water heater vs. boiler. 

A question keeps coming up when looking for a water heating system. Could the aquarium water heater be similar to a boiler? Many confuse these two and their uses. The only similarity they possibly share is being able to heat water. They are not identical. 

What is a Boiler?

The name is one cause of a lot of misconception. The boiler is not meant just to boil water. Its primary function is to turn water into steam. Boilers offer the functionality of boiling water in your home and provide heat when it’s cold and in the generation of power. 

An advantage of boilers is the speed at which they heat water. The aquarium water heaters are available in tanked and tankless versions. The only difference is that boilers can come in a hot water storage cylinder, which is not available for aquarium water heaters. 

Different Types

There are different types of boilers available in the market. They include:

  • Combination boilers- These are boilers meant to supply heat and hot water for your home. Its advantage is that the supply of hot water is unlimited. 
  • System boilers- These boilers do not need a cold water tank. However, they come built with a hot water cylinder. The main supply is the water, and it is later heated and stored in your cylinder. The limitation of these boilers is the size of the cylinder. As soon as you run out of hot water, it would be best to wait until the cold water is heated and stored. 
  • Conventional boilers come with both a water tank and a hot water cylinder. Due to this, they take up a lot of space and are recommended for big houses. It is a multipurpose boiler as many taps can be run simultaneously and serve different purposes. 
  • Condensing boilers- This is more of a characteristic of a boiler and not a type of boiler. They have the advantage of being more energy efficient when compared to other types of boilers. They are good at retaining heat and bar the toxic gasses produced during the heating process. 

How Do You Take Care Of Boilers?

Like other types of equipment or machines, Boilers need proper care. To give your boilers durability here is how to take care of them:

  • Ensure that vents and flues, if available, are always kept clean.
  • Make sure that the water levels are constantly checked as lack of water can seriously damage your boiler.
  • There should not be any leaks.
  • Ensure that moving parts of the boiler are lubricated every six months
  • After six months, you should flush all the water out and the boiler is cleaned thoroughly. 
Aquarium water heater Inkbird
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When it comes to aquarium water heater vs boiler, we recommend the following model.

What is an Aquarium Water Heater?

When compared to boilers, Aquarium water heaters have just one task to perform. That is potable heat water. You can use the heated water to take a shower, clean dishes as well as in washing machines. Note: You need to choose the right size.

Different Types

There are different types of water heaters. They include:

  • Conventional water heaters- These heaters have a tank that stores water which can be heated using gas or electricity. The cold water makes its way into the aquarium water heater through the bottom of the tank. Once heated until a specific temperature, you can use it. 
  • Tankless water heaters- The tankless water heater heats water at the highest speed of all aquarium water heaters. The space they need is small, and their ability to heat water fast makes up for times when you do not have hot water available. 

How Do You Care For An Aquarium Water Heater? 

Maintaining a water heater is an important thing to consider. How you care for your aquarium water heater will depend on how long you can use it. There are six recommended steps on maintaining the water heater, which includes:

  • Testing the valve for the flow of water. Power should be off, and the valve should be closed when performing this task. 
  • Check the anode rod and see if it has any coat on it. If present, clean it as this coat could be toxic if it got into the water.
  • Drain the water while removing the sediment. This ensures that the water inside this heater is clean and fresh for use. 
  • Adjust the temperatures, bearing in mind that the lower the temperatures, the more you can save. 
  • Insulate the pipes to ensure that you can regulate the heat. 
  • Insulate the heater. 

Conclusion: Aquarium Water Heater Vs. Boiler

There are a few similarities when it comes to aquarium water heater vs. boiler and several differences. How will you know what you need between the two? You can check a few things that will enable you to make a sound decision, such as your space, the climate of where you reside, the number of people needing the water supply, and the demand for heated water. You can save on a lot if you consider the aforementioned factors before purchasing either the boiler or the water heater. 

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