Short Guide To The Best Campervan Water Pump

best campervan water pumps

Want to choose the best campervan water pumps? When it comes to choosing the best campervan pump, it is a very confusing process. Such pumps operate by pumping water to the campervan tank, flowing through the rig’s piping system. It plays a significant role in increasing the water flow rate while stabilizing the overall pressure. Campervan water pump aids in the usage or consumption of water available in tanks which ranges between 50-200 gallons of freshwater. If one is traveling, such water acts as the lifeline.

Campervan water pumps play two significant roles:

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  1. It provides pressurized water to the rig tank. The tank’s location in the campervan base aids in the maximum required water storage and is of three types. Such includes freshwater, gray, and black water. Such pumps are small in size while running off the battery, meaning that it operates fewer than 12 volts. 
  2. Provision of specific amounts of water per minute. The amount of water provided depends on the size of the campervan pumps. The gallons of water supplied in a minute equal the pressure per square. For instance, large pumps provide 5.3 gallons per minute and the smaller ones 3.5 per minute

Types of campervan water pumps:

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There are three significant campervan pumps: flojet, aquatic, and shurflo. The basic requirements for using such pumps require finding the simplest, easier installation and a quiet motor to obtain the best water pumping. Different pumps produce noise, especially by opening multiple faucets at a time. It calls for checking pumps with 5-chamber designs to lower on such noise. Also, such pumps have increased water and pressure flow, which improves the smooth overall pumping action. It’s advisable to look for the best campervan water pumps to enhance an even flow of water. It’s also good to check out different demonstrations regarding various models since they operate differently to avoid making the wrong choice.

Shurflo forms the most popular brand used by many people. It’s advisable to look into the following factors when choosing the best campervan water pumps:

Shurflo Trail King 10 Water Pump

This pump is the number one best seller on Amazon. For a good reason because the company has established itself as the quality water pump and water system manufacturer. Shurflo pumps are famous for their durability as the customers have said their products were working just fine after the decades of use. The company always updates its products by introducing new models, materials and details.

Pros, Cons & Features

  • Built-in check valves prevent backflow into the tank. Info: Thermally protected for added safety and peace of mind.
  • Durable and reliable
  • Run dry capability
  • Thermal overload on motor
  • Flow 10.61/min, 30PSI, 12V
  • Ideal for pressure systems in caravans, motorhomes and boats
  • Built-in check valves prevent backflow into the tank
  • Highly safe
  • Capability to run dry
  • Difficulty with low demand feature

Gallons per minute

It’s crucial to consider the required gallons per minute for the recreational vehicle. Since different water pumps have other gallons per minute, it’s vital to choose the best suits your campervan with the gallon conversion chart. A higher flow rate amounts to increased pumped water at a time. Depending on whether it is large or small, there are available pumps designed to cater to those specifications. Matching the appropriate pump with required gallons per minute ensures optimum water flow into the campervan, which benefits the user.

Recommended pressure

Pressure denotes how forcefully water flows out of different faucets or showerheads. It’s also good to note differences in water pressure provided by other water pumps. It ranges in pounds per square inch, with a higher number denoting more force. It’s not recommended to go for high pressure due to increased risks of leaking to the system. It requires determining your campervan recommended water pressure to ensure buying the one that matches it. It is crucial to ensure optimum pressure maintenance with no low or high pressure working due to misalignment of the chosen campervan water pump. Testing its water pressure requires having a pressure test gauge for testing it in units while it’s coming into the tanks through the campground. 


Campervan water pumps are extremely loud; therefore, the need to choose one with reduced noise. High noise may cause damage to your ears once plugged in of the system, which is not healthy. Depending on the make and the specifications, there are available water pumps with no noise or reduced levels.


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Campervan water pumps require 12 volts of electric power, which is highly efficient for use in the entire process. Apart from the power, it is also good to look at the amperage required to control the water pump. Small battery packs require fewer amps, unlike the larger ones, therefore, a good choice of the necessary power to pump water. Increased amperage denotes high power for drawing water from the battery, resulting in increased costs.

Water pump type

Determining the best pumps requires choosing between three alternatives: constant speed, high volume, and variable speed. The majority of campervan pumps use a continuous rate, which involves delivering water at a single speed. It gives no room for pressure or speed adjustment. The variable type has sensors responsible for adjusting the motor speed and can be an option other than constant speed. On the other hand, high-volume pumps handle high volumes of water and are mainly found in larger campervans. The best campervan pump to use depends on one need to use constant, variable, or high volume speed.

Size of the pump

It’s good to choose the water pump fitting the desired campervan space. Different pumps vary in size, with some tiny ones and others huge. It’s essential to first measure the existing or available length before purchasing the required campervan pump. It does not mean eyeing the pump but having the correct measurement of the campervan space to ensure the accurate fixing of the necessary pump.

Safety Measures

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Although water pumps are not highly dangerous machines in use, it’s good to look at their overall safety. Such includes having thermal protection during the shutting down of the pump to avoid overheating causing extreme damage. Other safety features include sealing the pump bodies to block debris and dust particles entering the motor checking valves and filters. Checking on the pump safety features helps lower the overall costs of replacing or maintaining it, extending its lifespan.

Water pump dimensions

It requires determining what dimensions the current water pump has to match it with the best type of caravan pump. It requires conducting a test to determine the produced current. 


Choosing the right campervan water pump is quite a process requiring much care, attention, and various considerations. It’s essential to take your time and conduct thorough research to determine the best. Also, you can check on forums and read different customer reviews related to such pumps while even talking to specialists. Such advice and knowledge help in making the right decision regarding the pump to use.

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