OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin


OXO Good Grips is known for its creation of equipment and tools that are easier to use when compared to all other ones in the market. The OXO Good Grips Easy-clean compost bin is such an exciting product as what else could be simplified for us other than the somewhat complicated kitchen composting process. And we all know how important composting is for the environment. In fact, it’s just as important as aquaponics. The OXO brand has made it their ultimate goal in ensuring that you take part in taking care of the environment and your plants while at ease. Let’s look at all the facts concerning the OXO Good Grips Easy-clean compost bin and get a better understanding.

Counter Friendly

The design of the OXO Good Grips easy–clean compost bin that is very sleek and can be placed comfortably on the counter of your kitchen. The OXO compost bins come in the colors white and gray which are very neutral and can suit a variety of kitchen designs. Having a compost bin at the counter is very handy as it makes it easy for you to get your food scraps composted other than just thrown away into the bin. Accessibility is very important when considering where to place the compost bin. 

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Easy To Use

The functionality of this bin has continuously been praised. This is because the contoured bottom part of the lid which is removable makes it very easy for one to empty the bin whenever you get to the outside compost bin. In addition to that, the bin has a handle that rotates. Consequently, it is very easy to carry from one place to another. The lid of the bin completely comes apart when you want to empty it. There will be nothing that will be caught in the lid while the food scraps are falling out. This bin will not give you a hard time cleaning it either. Its surface is very smooth therefore rinsing and wiping it is enough to keep it sparkling clean. The smooth surface of the bin ensures that the bin gets completely clean because there are no curves or nooks whereby particles of the food scraps can hide. Apart from that, it is very nice that the bin does not need scrubbing because this could the bin to wear out a lot faster

Little Effort Is Required

The one-handed application feature of the OXO Good Grips easy–clean compost bin has impressed quite a large number of people. One can open the lid, throw in their food scraps and close it while using a single hand. In addition to this, the lid can stay at an angle when you don’t want to open it all the way. This is because it is not too involved. You can deal with it very quickly and focus on other activities.


The small compost bin which holds a capacity of o.75 gallons is very convenient for a household with few persons and can easily fit in the freezer. While the new version which holds a capacity of 1.75 gallons is very efficient for a large household. The bin is oval-shaped meaning that although it carries a reasonable amount of food scraps it still occupies very little space.

Fits In The Freezer

The small compost bin can be comfortably placed in the freezer which is a feature that most individuals have appreciated. Most people state that when you store the food scraps in the freezer then the organic material doesn’t produce a foul smell. Keeping the compost bin in the freezer comes in very handy for individuals who stay in small apartments and don’t have enough space to place the compost bin.


OXO Good Grips Easy-clean compost bin
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The bin is very neat because the removable rim included in the design of the bin helps keep the plastic bag being used in place. This is for those who choose to use plastic bags with bins. Most of the compost bins in the market do not have this feature therefore most people are drawn to this bin because of it.

Zero Odor

It can hold up the foul smell of the food scraps really well. This is because of the lightweight lid which covers the bin tightly. It does this without being messy because it doesn’t come with filters. Most individuals state that the filters that come with most kitchen bins help with keeping the smell at bay but act as a favorable place for fruit flies to lay their eggs. Consequently, increasing the number of fruit flies in the home. Therefore the simple design of the compost bin is very convenient. 


The handle of the OXO Good Grips easy–clean compost bin is very durable because it is easy to use therefore one will not struggle with it and cause any form of damage. The design is quite compact too thus cannot easily fall apart. It has very little chance of cracking or simply falling apart as other compost bins do at times. Your kitchen will always remain neat. Although it is not very stylishly modern therefore some individuals can easily shy away.

Fair Price

The price of this bin is very reasonable considering the very many benefits that it offers. It is actually one of the cheapest compost bins you can get on the market

Can’t Be Machine Washed

Although the surface of the compost bin is smooth and very easy to wash with just soap and water, some people still prefer not handling the compost bins with their bare hands. Therefore, the feature of the compost bin whereby the container has two layers that don’t come apart making it not machine washable can be quite disturbing.

Lacks Air Holes

One thing that is not very pleasant about the OXO Good Grips Easy-clean compost bin is that it doesn’t have any holes to let in air, thus warmth keeps building up in the bin. This could lead to the plastic bags tearing apart in the bin. Also, this makes the bin produce an extremely bad smell when opened. The lack of holes could make the organic material in the bin start rotting instead of decomposing. This is because decomposing requires enough air circulation in the material getting composted. In addition to all that, the inside of the bin ends up decolorized and ugly.

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